Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping on Arab Street in Singapore

Back in August, I had the extreme pleasure to visit Singapore while my Hubby was in port there.  Being the fabric-phile that I am- I did some research beforehand on where to buy some fabric. 

Hubby and I found Kampong Glam after an hour of walking in the wrong direction.  Kampong Glam- also known as Arab Street- is home to the beautiful Sultan Mosque.  I did not go inside the Mosque myself- I wasn't sure of the etiquette and rules so I was happy to just take pictures from the outside.  I have never heard the call to prayer before, it was a truly unique experience for me.

Arab Street is the home to numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS, fabric stores.  I could kick myself for not getting a picture of how they display the fabric.  To entice the customer they will drape the fabric over a mannequin or dress form.  There were so many stores and so many fabrics to choose from- I was literally overwhelmed.  I knew I would bore Hubby to death if I decided to shop all of the stores- so I decided to go back on my own- after the ship had pulled back out.

So after Hubby left for the big blue ocean again, I consoled my breaking heart by buying some beautiful silk fabric...

I bought 3 meters, it has such a lovely drape- I am scared to cut it!

I should have bought 3 meters, but only got 2.  I love the colors- the picture doesn't do justice.
Shopping the stores was a blast.  The salespeople are crazy!  They know their trade very well and could get you to buy your own shoes if you let them.  The saleslady I bought the silk from kept trying to get me to buy more 'meterage' (is that the right term?  I am used to saying "yardage").  I should have listened to her when it came to the border print- but I should be ok.  I plan on making a skirt with it.

I also bought another border print cotton.  I have to find where I stashed it so I can take a picture.  It is an Indian like print.

They also sell rugs, jewelry, baskets, and pashminas up and down the street.  The rugs were beautiful- but they wouldn't fit into my suitcase! ha ha

Entrance to Arab Street

bolts and bolts of fabric- too many to choose from!!

I bought an Indian-print skirt here.  The couple who own the store were so sweet!

Sultan Mosque

Courtyard behind the Mosque.  There were a bunch of shops selling beautiful silk garments and a lot of "boutique" fashions- including a lot of recycled/re-fashioned clothing.  I had already bought too much by the time I found this area.  Maybe next year??
I hope to go again next year- and I will be sure to bring an empty suitcase with me- "just in case".


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am currently visiting my son and his family who are living in Singapore for 2 years. I am a knitter and a sewer and I hope to explore the shops ... and of course - buy! Any other pointers would be of help, but I'm only here for one more week. Char

  2. Thanks for the advise. Visited Arab St today and bought far too much material but never say never to a bargain and think of the joy when making quilts and remembering my lovely day in Singapore.
    Thanks again,
    Louise Arnold


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